The Christmas Pickle

If you haven't met already, let me introduce you to "The Christmas Pickle" Rumor and speculation place the origin of this tradition in Germany. But no one seems to have officially adopted the fun.

The tradition: the elegant and exquisite pickle ornament is the last to be hung on the tree and the first child to find it gets to open an extra gift from Santa.

In my house the tradition has been mildly altered: Christmas morning we all wake up a little later than we used to, we drink a gallon of coffee, while we open gifts under the tree. Somewhere around cup number 4 we all simultaneously realize we have forgotten to look for the PICKLE. Eyes widen with awareness, elbows start flying, the gauntlet has been thrown! The search begins! Merry Christmas Everyone...

I hope that you all find your Christmas Pickle~

1 comment:

ashleyjenna said...

I had a Christmas pickle last Christmas and I loved it! This post brightened my day!!


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