Scary Guy

Today. I was Lucky.

Today I was lucky to sit in a room and witness the world change. In only two hours, my world, the way I see it, feel it, and know it, morphed before my very eyes. One “Scary” man. One little me. One enormous world. And one amazing mission. Met today in a small room in Baltimore and changed the way I will function for the rest of my life.

World Peace? The end of hatred, discrimination, violence and death. Impossible?

Not today.

I love a lot of things about the world I live in, but truthfully it can be a horrible place for a lot of reasons. And the idea of World Peace feels so far out of each individuals grasp that it becomes an insurmountable goal… BUT what if, you finally realized that you can make a change. That YOUR actions do make a difference and every encounter you have makes a mark on each person you meet. What if you were unforgettable, not because you made someone cry, but because you made them smile? What Scary made me realize is, I can be the change I want to be in ME. And so can you. Remember the positive, by doing so you will spread it around. Forget the negative, by doing so you will make a difference. Be in charge of YOUR world peace. And be the change you want to see. The rest will follow.

Check out “The Scary Guy” at … become a Catalyst for Peace. It sounds corny. But try it. Hear his message. Im signed up to make a change in me. It was an unreal experience for me. Just incredible.

Be Unforgettable… its a idea worth remembering.

Todays event was sponsored by The Perfect Networker, become a part of the mission:

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