Red, White and GLOW Holiday Party

After much anticipation... I would like to post my favorite pictures from the Meant for a Moment, Bromin Construction Holiday party.

Theme: Red, White and GLOW
Number of Attendants: 25 (whoa)
Menu: Apps, Turkey Dinner, Cocktails and Mini Pies (the cutest!)

Surprisingly enough, I pulled it all off. Nothing burned, NO ONE left hungry, in fact if you are hungry now, come over and I will help you out with some left overs, and I was still standing by midnight!

Above: The decorations: Red Christmas Balls, and the needles from my Christmas tree filled two clear glass vases. The center vase hosted tiny scrolls with hilarious jokes that were shared at dinner. The curly sticks and glowing pussywillow were the perfect accent for they lonely corner behind the dinner table, along with the millions of candles spread all around the house.

Next to that are the Mini Apple/Cranberry Pies (my favorite part) I baked them in cupcake tins, and placed them out on a plate after dinner for people to eat as "finger foods" most were gone by the end of the night. Those that remained were sent home with guests to eat later... so easy! The punch bowl was filled with champagne and topped with a large cranberry juice ice heart (which I made from a heart shaped cake mold I got from Target) than I topped it off with fresh cranberries. It looked too good to drink! As you can see, I cooked way too much food (no complaints here! I love turkey left overs) And lastly, the hosts! Thank you to those who came! It was a fabulous night, it would have been nothing without you! I can't wait for the next one...

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