Something sincere...


I finally caught my breath today. 
I couldn't find it yesterday. 
It came to me so delicately 
I hadn't noticed it returned to me.

I saw your face and closed my eyes
and for the first time I didn't cry
I inhaled deep to breath you in
and i slowly blew you out again

I released myself from all the pain
when I realized, your not the same
You're different from the man I knew
the man I loved, loved me too

things evolved and so have i
and I've decided not to cry
I love you still with all my heart
but in everything fate plays its part

If you cant see me as your wife
I must exhale you from my life
I've held my breath for far too long
but now its time to carry on

I caught my breath the day I saw
That I didn't recognize you at all
In my heart Ill hold you dear
But I must blow you far from here.

A peek into a past life... in a land far far away, there once lived me...Many years have passed since this was written and since, my heart has grown many many times happier { thanks D } But I uncovered this in the archive of my Mac today... and thought...maybe I would share with you... the part of me that loves to rhyme... and the heart in me... that realizes how WONDERFUL it is to learn that broken hearts... DO become whole again... { xox }

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