As posted this weekend I went into Fredrick, MD to SHOP! (Chartreuse & Co. and Great Stuff by Paul) I accompanied my mother and aunt:
To endless little stores and barns looking for GOODs to make our house something fabulous...
The result: magnificent...
These stamps are actually printing blocks of different MD counties... I found Easton, Chestertown and St Marys blocks, that will be perfect decorations, gifts and actually functional as I may use them for some card designs (double score)
The booty: One stool with the perfect amount of chipped paint, one adorable wooden chair, one bench the perfect size for a coffee table, some crystal drawer knobs, some wooden desk organizers, a terracotta pot from China, some printers blocks and letterpress letters, a hand towel that matches everything in my house and a cute brass bird...
Total Damage: under $200 ... its amazing what great stuff you can find in a barn sale!

And we even had time to get the boat out and go for a night-time dinner cruise

Happy Monday Everyone..!

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