My Childhood Bedroom

 My Childhood Bedroom was real
Just as they all should be...
It wasn't draped with lace or piled high with toys, actually from the looks of it {with my mothers help} 
it was kept pretty tidy. My bedroom was where we would read our bed time stories, Shel Silverstein and Dr Seuss {two very big influences in my life today} It is where my sisters and I would play make believe, closets turned into Christmas trees and beds into sleighs.

 In the corner is my best friend, she was a big part of my childhood bedroom. We spent a lot of time  imagining up ways to entertain ourselves on that blue carpet. I actually remember the day my mom  talking about replacing the blue carpet. I cried. I thought it would hurt the carpets feelings. Why do we think everything has feelings when we are so young? Its kind of a nice way to be, isn't it?
My parents read this book and all the other Shel books to me each night before bed. 
I remember looking forward to it like it was Christmas, maybe it has something to do with the career
 path I have chosen today...?
I believe this is a snapshot of me on my bed room floor after my first Christmas. A few of my friends are blessed to share their first Christmas with their own babies this year, so looking at this photo feels a little funny. I remember all of the things in this photo. The beautiful blue doll stood as a decoration in my room for years, I remember getting her down to play with but never being satisfied because her clothes were sewn on. And the biggest bonus of playing dolls was to change the pretend diaper, right? 
Its funny how each item big or small will bring back a memory... perhaps that is something positive that you can take with you this Christmas. 
My childhood bedroom was a safe place filled with all of my best friends. Each night I would pile myself high with ALL of my stuffed animals {and books ?} I remember thinking that each one would be personally offended if they did not get the prime spot next to me in bed so I took care in placing each one before I was able to fall asleep. That must have been exhausting. {Beats counting sheep I guess}

If I had the pleasure of designing a room 
today I would love to include a print from Trafalger square
It reminds me of the lambs my brand mother painted for my room as a child.

The purpose of this blog post is to raise awareness of the growing issue of children living without homes. Dwell with Dignity is an organization that provides comfortable living environments for children and families who can't it afford it for themselves. If you are able this holiday to make a donation to a good cause head to their site and check it out. 

Also Check out Megan Charland's lovely post from yesterday and head to Minoux jewelry tomorrow to see what they have to say about their childhood home. 

Thank you Claudia

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StonehouseLove said...

Hi Tara-

I had that same blue rug in my first house wall to wall! I also loved playing dolls and the sen-on clothes would have bummed me out also! Thank you for telling us your story and for participating in Blog for Digs...your support means the world to us and to the familie who will benefit from this campaign. Happy holidays! xocc


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