Looking for some office flare?

Embroidery paper... cutest idea ever? Probably.
I got stuck on Better Living Through Design this morning they had so many incredible ideas. 
Look at those training wheels for your pencil. As an artist that uses a ruler a lot I am in love. Happy Valentine's Day to me. It even tracks your "milage". Oh be still my heart.
I love the old fashioned air mail look. My grandmother gave me some of her air mail stationary a long time ago and now I wish I hadn't wasted it on scribbles and wasted thoughts. But this twine from whisker graphics is really cute don't you think? Its got a cute spin on the Air Mail idea going for it.

If your desk needs some tidying like mine does, Check out these leaf ties by, lufdesign.
You can turn your wires into vines... Pretty fancy right?

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