Too Many Choices?

I recently viewed Barry Schwartz speak on TED
 about the Paradox of Choice. It kind of blew
 my mind. He made the point that we have so
 many choices now that it virtually paralyzes us. 

Consider this...
 You are at the grocery store and you
 have over 150 salad dressings to choose from. You
 hem and haw over which one to choose and finally 
commit. You go home with one, try it and you don't like it. 
Well, you only have yourself to blame because you
 are the one who decided which dressing would be the 
best from all the other choices. 

But, had there only been one salad dressing choice, 
you would have no other option but to pick it up, and
try it. If you didn't like it, the fault would lie 
with the salad dressing maker and not with-in
your decision making skills. A relief. 

Barry Schwartz's point is that choice has not made us 
freer. No, in fact it has done just the opposite, today people
 are walking around more dissatisfied than ever... 

Kind of interesting isn't it?

To watch his talk follow this link to: TED

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