Road Trip...

So we took this road trip. But Cricket couldn't come. 
I was bummed about that.

We headed West to Ohio (500 miles west that is) 
to see one of the most special people in Ohio get 
married. As our wheels rolled down the highway
 I was so excited to see this sign, for Penn Alps 
Restaurant. As a child, my parents took us camping
 all the time and we have so many memories of 
spending the weekend camping and than 'brunching'
 here on our way home. Its a very nostalgic place 
for me and I was flooded with all sorts of 
memories when we started walking around. 
Nothing has really changed... since 1902 it seems. 

And to add to the nostalgia, it was a bit rainy when
we stopped in and it always rained on our camping
trips. So it felt just like a time warp. 

 Look at those cute little jackets in the school house.
 The artisan village is filled with old buildings 
turned into artists studios like, potters and wood turners
on jewelry makers. And they sell their craft as they 
make it. It feels very authentic. 
But eventually we had to get back in the car.
 To make it to Zac and Nicole's Beautiful Wedding.
Isn't this a great idea for Place Cards? Especially 
because he is a professional photographer?!
We love weddings!
Congratulations to our Beautiful Friends!

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