The Summit of Awesome

Today I will be attending the Summit of Awesome. 
It has finally come to Baltimore and I am so excited, 
and even a little nervous to be honest. I can't wait to 
report back the happenings of awesome that occurred!

The Summit of Awesome was more Awesome that 
expected, I met some really great and talented people 
and learned a tremendous amount. 

Things about Copyright and Trademark {I soaked that in 
like it was the sun and I wanted a BURN!} it was good 
information from an intellectual property lawyer. 

And Social Media. I think I will ReEnter the world of 
Twitter thanks to Willowtoons and Lish and their great 
talk on social media. 

I heard from Biggs & Featherbelle and Figs &
Ginger about wholesaling (wow have 
they grown and they are getting bigger and bigger)

And Danielle from Etsy, if you 'Etsy' I am sure you've seen
 Danielle, well she was there and gave us all some great 
information on how to utilize Etsy to its fullest potential to 
have the greatest success. Contact me if you want some 
tidbits, I am happy to spread the word

And in the moments when there was no class to sit in on 
we crafted (how fun) so there were no moments of awkward 
silence between strangers, just fun crafty moments of creativity 
between artists. I highly recommend hopping on board for 
next years summt!

I'll be there!

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