Illustration Inspiration Featuring: Erin Stead

Yes! Its Wednesday again and here we are back at our Illustration Inspiration feature! 
I have been looking forward to spending my morning diving deep into the illustrative 
world of another illustrator since last Wednesday's post about Matt Phelan

Today I am featuring Caldecott Medal winner, Erin Stead. In order to tell you a bit 
about her, I hopped over to Seven Impossible Things and read their interview. I got 
totally swept up in reading about her unique process. (Its a long one with really great
 pictures so check it out for details.) Basically she adds all of her color using wood block
 carvings. And it is only after all of the color has been blocked in that she draws on 
top of that with pencil. I am actually a really big fan of that Pencil Decision. I feel that the 
gray tone of her drawings gives them all a familiar vintage look. 
Can you feel that too?

May I also add that her husband Philip Stead is also an illustrator. {SO much fun!} 
And they created this book together. This was her first illustrated book and was 
named the New York Times Best Illustrated book in 2010 {Wowsers, Go Erin!)

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