My favorite part of my Job is when I am commissioned to illustrate a children's book.
 So when Thomas Knight approached me with his adorable book, 'Ada Chewed Some 
Gum' I was thrilled to par-take. This is just a snippet of what I have created for the
 book, to get everyone amped up for its release.

My Process is simple but it happens in a three stages. First I illustrate/sketch the 
characters and scene (sometimes together, sometimes separate). Than I ink the sketch 
over and scan the inked image. After its scanned, I touch up the inked lines and 
color it all in photoshop. It is a lengthy process but I have found this works best for me.

I can't wait to see it completed and formatted. How about you?
Ada Chewed Some Gum will be available soon here.

And don't forget about My Dad is My Hero Illustrated by me 
and written by Lauren Wade

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