This week's Illustration Inspiration features... Me. I have been so inspired by all of the 
amazing artists I have been discovering in my quest for the illustration inspiration post, 
that I got LOST in illustration yesterday. I sat down to create a 'master piece' with all 
of the inspiration that was swirling around in my head and hand.  And I allowed 
myself to try something new, 'Digital Painting. Its not a new concept to me but it is 
new to my work. And honestly, I loved it. It was so much fun, I didn't want to stop. 
Usually, I select the area I want color and fill it. Than dodge and burn that selection 
until it looks properly lit. Occasionally adding color with the paintbrush tool. But the
 new technique was so much more engaging. I painted every selection with transparent 
colors layering them until I was happy. I really like it and will be utilizing this 
method more and more. 

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