Farewell My Summer Sunshine.

The last time I checked it was September. Wow. My how the summer has flown. 
We barely had time to get to know it's sunny, bird chirping days. But no complaints 
here, this summer Dave and I got married and honeymooned in the Keys. My best 
friend came from Australia to be there and my sister was home with her baby. Its been 
a few months of unforgettable emotions and life changes that have proven to be the 
best decisions yet! 

As these last few days of summer come to an end, nostalgia washes
 over me. I watch everyone return to school and I remember that feeling of 
anticipation and independance. And as the days grow cooler and pumpkins start 
popping up on road side stands I remember falling in love with Dave, those 
days of falling where your heart leaps at every touch and your lips are forever curled 
in an unapologetic smile. Here is to a great Summer and the beginning to a cool 
exciting fall ahead. 

Photos Via MissMoss - Victory Look Book

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