Tricks and Decorating...

Its been about four months since I relocated with Dave to Crownsville and I think each day I fall a little more in love with nesting. Here are some little tricks I have used to make my home original. 

Vintage glass bottles are a great way to add character and sparkle to your window sill...
And since I love a little extra sparkle {who wouldn't go for a little extra sparkle in their life?}
I used these cute little vintage cut glass salt holders that fit my tea lights perfect! When the candles are lit its like fire flies in my house. Brilliantly Sparkly!

Since I am lucky enough to be loved by someone who owns a construction company I get first dibs on cool things... like this great window frame! Circa 1950's (not too old) from an old Baltimore Row home, look at the paint it was wearing in all the right places, and its smooth, not chipping. There are only two frames missing, the one I draped my super cute hand towel from and the one right next to that. The color is perfect for the trim of the house also, which makes it look much more planned than it ever was! {Bonus}

What a rack! Not being a hunter myself, when Dave brought this rack of antlers home (apparently his great grandfather was a good shot) I was a little hesitant to incorporate them in our decorating... but after the rug was laid the room picked up a bit of a rustic look and they might have become one of my favorite details {total shocker} Eventually we will hang them above the window, but until I retrieve the correct hardware, they sit nicely here. Wondering about this mirror? My mom pulled it from a dumpster {ha} Don't you just LOVE that. A hotel was throwing away tons of furniture and she asked if she could take two of the framed mirrors and away she went. This mirror was the perfect size to place behind that table to make my tiny living room look much larger.

I have found that if I frame pictures that make me laugh or smile, I look at them more often.
Don't you love this one? Thats Dave, what a cutie. 

Ok, I am totally in love with these Christmas decorations! There is a large part of me that is against decorating the day after thanksgiving but seriously LOOK at those sparkling gems! They were pulled out of a drawer at my grandparents house. They are very old, definitely cardboard and so fabulous!
They have been catching my eye all day, its been really a day of simple pleasures here. 

My Door... Along the side of my door is peppered with memories from my grandparents house...
which is particularly nice to see every time you walk in and out. My favorite part is the "note spike" *specifically for love notes* this is not meant for grocery lists folks...
Another bonus, who doesn't love a quick little love note?

You have probably seen my chairs before because its been a long love affair with these beauties!
Maybe one day I will post the before and after pictures. 
I found my set of four chairs on the side of the road, white, peeling, mildewed and FREE...
I got to work right away, I had already had fabric I wanted to use and the decision to paint them turquoise was natural... they have been a favorite of mine for a while now, what do you think?

A wood burning fire, every night for heat... (and a bag of marshmallows on stock)

I have always had an affinity for peacock feathers. In London a peacock ate out of my hand, than chased me for more... maybe we are kindred... (kidding)

Even though the picture struggles to be perfect I think my favorite trick so far are my curtains. 
This beautiful square eyelit "curtain" is actually a small table clothe. I tucked it into the top of the window and shut it up tight, and it is the perfect fit and at night when you pull up to the house and the lights are on it looks like one of those special candle holders with the cut outs... 
I totally dig it. 

Anyone have any good tricks up their sleeve?

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