Meant for a Moment gets to Create Jewelry

Meant for a Moment Artist, Tara J. Hannon is working with 24k Brokers to 
Create an entire line of Fine Jewelry!

In Early September, I teamed up with Brad Bergersen of 24K Brokers to create a unique line of 
UpScale, Creative, and Flashy Jewelry for both Men and Women. 
My task was to provide the illustrations and ideas, the rest would be up to Brad and his team to make my sketches come to life. 

This spring we will be launching our new line, "Alexander Grace" {!}
I can't give too much away here...but I am very excited to be a part of this project
and will keep you, my lovely readers posted on news as it comes!

Don't you just wish you had one of those machines to play with? 
The green "blob" is actually the fine metal being sculpted into the ring setting you see on the screen. 
Pretty amazing right?

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