What a weekend we had! Dave's Parents came down on Friday night and we had both my parents and his over for a nice wintery meal by the fire. I had asked for a star for my christmas tree as a christmas gift this year and my mom brought it as a hostess gift:

Saturday we woke up bright and early and headed to Washington DC for ICE. A Dr. Seuss sculpture show made completely out of ice! Well let me start with the best part... the fist half of the show was a Dr Seuss shrine of all of his early work. If you don't know me you may not know this, I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with Dr Seuss, so my jaw was stretched to the ground and covered in drool. Even his EARLY works... LOTS of advertising stuff that most people didn't even knew existed. They did a beautiful job outlining the timeline of his career mile stones and showcasing his well known and lesser known pieces. I think my heart rate was 110... I was floating like a humming bird all day.
 It was incredible. 
And than we moved under the tent, where it was ... 9 degrees ... so they supplied everyone with these fabulously stylish blue parkas. Quite nice right?
{Its all ice}
this was my favorite room, the snowflakes felt like something out of a fairytale
I fit right in... I have always felt right at home with Dr. Seuss...
There was an Ice slide as well...{yes, we did}
After the long day we headed to the parade of lights in Annapolis and to a cocktail party and partook in some good holiday cheer and great holiday fare.

I was able to get a lot of work done on Sunday and than have ALOT of fun on Sunday night. 
My best friend Alicia brought her boyfriend over and we made pizzas and played cards until way too late and laughed way too hard and my soul is way too full today.  

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