Smoothie Hearts {xox}

After finishing my run yesterday I was having a hard time refocusing on work because the weather 
was so beautiful. So I headed to my kitchen for something to eat. Or if I was being honest, I was desperately looking for a distraction.

 I had frozen fruit in my fridge so I headed to work to make a smoothie. But than I was struck by this brilliant, mad scientist idea that my smoothies should be ice cubes so I could eat them all the time! (Brilliant Right?)

I pulled this adorable little ice tray out of my cabinet and started shoveling the Peach Berry smoothie into each slot.

Leaving some extra for my to enjoy, of corse.

And the result was amazing! Little smoothie hearts. 
The best part is, when you chew on these they kind of melt in your mouth and all the chunks of fruit start popping up in each bite!

So delicious!

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