The Royal Wedding!

Today is the Day!

So, we have been waiting for today forever!
The news has been filled with speculation about what it would look like and this morning I woke up to these images of Kate's Wedding Dress! My first reaction was that it was too much and it over whelmed her. But upon further examination of the details I totally love it! 
Look at those pretty lace sleeves and the detail on her veil. Isn't her waistline so tiny? I also love that her dress is so fancy and her flowers are so simple. I think it say a lot about the bride. 

And I love the red military uniform that William wore. That color is so striking.

Gosh I love weddings. What a wonderful thing for the world to be able to focus on. 
It is a rare occasion that the world can turn their eyes to one event that is celebratory and joyous. 

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