My Birthday Adventure

So! Sunday was My Birthday and lets be real... I am a Birthday DIVA.

Poor Dave has some majorly big shoes to fill every year 
{and they are his own, because every year he gives me 
such a great day.} This year he woke me up with a love note! xox
Which is always my favorite part of any holiday I share with Dave.

Than we headed to destination unknown. 
On the way he presented me with Envelope #1 
inside was the menu to our first destination:
One of my favorite spots to eat downtown, 
Miss Shirley's Cafe. Yumm.
We dinned until we could no longer feel our toes. 
No, Really. I was sitting cross legged in the booth and my foot went numb. 

This is the dapper looking gentlemen I got to sit 
across from the whole morning, lucky me!

After breakfast we walked around Baltimore a little bit
and enjoyed the beautiful smoldering hot morning
{for those of you who don't know, the weather in MD
was about 110 this weekend, it was delightful...er...}
Well...holding hands was nice...

Somewhere after the crosswalk he presented me with Destination #2
which was the National Aquarium. I have been dying to go for some time
now and was so excited to spend the day milling around checking out 
all of the strange wildlife. Although I was disappointed 
not to have found the sloth in the rainforest. The eels were pretty amazing.
PS. We thought it was funny that in Bold Print in the 
Middle of this Ticket it says 
It made Dave feel like he should have bought the show...
But we saw the 4D Experience Instead and it was Really awesome. 
I screamed OUT LOUD when the Shark came to eat the seal
because something comes and grabs your back, it was so ridiculously silly!
I laughed forever, and I am pretty sure 
Dave thinks I am the biggest wimp now.
So I found this Shark picture and retaliated.
The Aquarium is was so cool.
We were all smiles when we left and headed for lunch. 
Than we headed to Vaccaros and ate more food, yes, yum!
And managed to confuse our server Big Time. I think her eyes crossed. ha.
And took this ridiculous photo that I actually Really Love for some reason.

Chocolate Chip Gelato. xox
Than we headed to my parents house which has 
been a favorite tradition of mine forever and dined on...
YES another meal. My mom is a great cook and made a 
delicious stir fry. We were even joined by one of my 
Best's, Alicia and little Cricket came for some fun too.
I had a ridiculously great day. Thank you EVERYONE 
for your Birthday Wishes I felt Hugged all day long!

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