Vintage Sunnies. Be still my heart

I don't know about you guys but I have
a serious problem with loosing sunglasses. 
So, it is rare to see me walking around in a pair 
of expensive shades. For this same reason, 
it is important that I not get too attached to my 

Because the inevitable day will surely 
come that they will be misplaced, smashed or 
sent flying into the sea and if my love for them 
exceeds a casual 'tip of the hat' than that fateful 
day I've grown to count on, would be too much 
to bare. So I keep my sunnies mediocre
 at best... you know the kind my friends.
Until today. 

Feast your Eyes on these Beautiful
 Vintage Shades from What the Funk!

They have one thing on my side they are TOTALLY
 affordable. However, I have already fallen madly
 in love with them. And this love 
affair is bound to have a tragic ending. 

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