Do you make your bed?

 Do you make your bed?

I grew up making my bed everyday and as I grew older 
and moved out of the house the option to not make my
 bed was like sweet liberation. So needless to say I have
 not been a bed maker for quite a few years now. 

But after being stuck inside during the hurricane, 
Dave and I got some serious cleaning done and our
 bedroom looks amazing! I woke up this morning to
 fresh air blowing in the windows and our bedroom
 smelled so fresh and delicious, that the urge just struck
 me. I made my bed. Mom you would be proud. 

Than I thought about how many other 20 somethings 
are making their bed these days and how many
 are still living in the liberation years. 

So I'm wondering, do you make your bed?

UPDATE Oct 1, 2011: I have made my bed everyday since (VG me)

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