Furniture Rehab...

Have you seen the new TV show Picker Sisters?
Three episodes came on in a row last night (cha-ching!) 
and I was hooked! Its about two interior designers who 
go around the country searching for 'junk' to refinish 
and turn into really cool furniture. In one episode they
 bought a Silo for $400 and turned it into 2 round 
hanging porch chairs. {Ubber Cool} It's on Lifetime, 
check it out. Its the Ultimate Before and After. 
This morning when I saw these cool chairs 
upholstered out of old potato sacs I thought, 

"Cool, the Picker Sisters would love this"

... and than it was 
clear to me that I have lost my mind. 
But lets be honest, they are pretty cool, right?

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