My Birthday Quilt...xox

I am so happy that I finally have the 
time to post about my beautiful quilt!

For my birthday Dave's mom made me a quilt! 
{Oh my melted heart!} SO here is how it started... 
I posted about 'The Perfect Picnic Quilt' in January 
{you can follow the link here to check it out} 
After she saw the post she headed straight to work.
She is such a sneaky seamstress! She found
the same pattern, picked similarly colored fabrics 
and created the most perfect, amazing, you've-
never-seen-a-more-beautiful-quilt, quilt.

Look at the detail, you may not be able to see it,
 but there is hand stitching all over it, swirls and 
butterflies... Gosh. It kind of left me speechless. 
Thank you Mrs P. {And Mr P. the supervision
 was an important contribution as well :)}. 

It will be saved forever...and beyond!

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