Sunday Night I went with my mom and sister to see 
Wicked at the Kennedy Center. Oh my Goodness 
what a show! First of all the Costumes! Wow! Can 
you see from the photos I pulled from google image? 

Look at the bottom one, where they are in emerald 
city. Each and every costume was so elaborate and 
ornate. It was so Dr Seuss, I was so in Love

And the songs were out of this world. My sister
 bought the sound track and I think Ill try to grab 
a few from her, specifically 'Defying Gravity'. 

I also really enjoyed seeing how they meshed the story 
of Oz and Dorothy with the play. 

We had such a great night that we didn't even 
mind getting terribly lost on our way out of 
Washington, DC at Midnight that night. 

Oh, and we at green Pistachio Cheesecake 
at desert which was delish!

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