Mike and Sal's Wedding

 We had an AMAZING weekend attending the 
celebration of our friends, Mike and Sal's wedding. {xox} 
Here are a couple shots from their beautiful ceremony 
and reception that they held at their home in, Cambridge. 

 I love that the groom wore a tie but the rest of the groomsmen
 were more casual. (They also all wore flip flips..xo)

 ...see...(even the bride had gold flops on. So cute)
...they laughed together through their whole first dance.

 while we laughed through dinner (delicious! gazpacho,
 feta/watermelon salad, crab cakes, fresh corn and avocado salad 
and pork bbq...yum)

 Meant for a Moment created the table "numbers" and name cards 
so it was really fun to see it come together. 

 And look at the sun set!

...yeah... I couldn't resist getting in the canoe. 
Dave was up for it, so in we went. 

I could not be happier for you Mike and Sal. 
What a Beautiful Weekend! Thanks for including us.

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