The dress; Would you get a Used Dress?

Would you buy a used Wedding dress? Once Wed has an 
entire collection of beautiful dresses that have been worn, 
'wed in' and are now being resold. Or do you feel like its a 
dress that should be worn for the first time by you on your 
special day


Lawyer11 said...

I thought about buying a sample dress for our wedding. I also looked at websites that resold dresses that had been bought and then the bride changed her wedding theme, so the dresses had never been worn. I don't think I could wear a dress that someone else got married in, but I wasn't against wearing a dress someone else had tried on or what have you. My cousin wore a dress that had been worn and resold. It was a beautiful strapless lace dress. It was very unique. she got it from an outlet in upstate South Carolina where brides can donate their designer dresses for resale. The proceeds all go to Breast Cancer Awarness, Aide, and Research Funds. I think it is called Brides Against Breast Cancer or something.
Here are some websites to check out:
(classified section lists shoes, veils, dresses, everything)
(I got my dress here when it was a different shop. She now only does high end wedding dress consignment and bridesmaid dresses)
(They list sample sale dresses, pre-owned dresses, pre-worn at wedding dresses, and other great stuff!)

Meant for a Moment Designs said...

Thanks for the links! They are GREAT! xox It would be really great to support a cause while you are dress shopping too, it makes spending the money feel 'right'


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