Honeymoon Planning, Any tips?

Dave and I have been searching for the perfect honeymoon spot and my mind is 
reeling with beautiful destinations, I wish we could visit them all. Some of the places 
that we have considered are; Turks and Caicos, Norway, Cinque Terra, Big Sur CA, 
Key West, and Greece. We are working on a budget so some of those places were 
knocked off our list simply for cost reasons {Norway, I love you.} sigh. I have been 
to Cinque Terra and it was Heaven on Earth. I highly recommend anyone visit that 
is able. But last night we came up with this brilliant plan that sounds perfect for both 
Dave and I {!}  Here is what we are thinking;

Get Hitched, Head down to the Keys, Rent a Villa, a Car and a BOAT. Spend the 
entire week exploring the waters of the Keys and Fish our hearts out. I imagine 
for an ideal vacation, it couldn't be much sweeter than to have a boat and a bunch 
of islands at our disposal. {xox}

Where did you honeymoon? Do you have any tips?

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