Non Dairy Ice Cream, Success

Oh Hello Delicious, Non-Dairy Ice Cream. 
I suffer from migraines often and I have found if I drink a whole glass of milk 
or large latte, a migraine would start brewing {humpf}. I also have to stay away
 from 90% of the worlds delicious cheeses. So I have considered the fact that I may 
have an intolerance to Dairy. I have recently switched to a non-dairy diet to see if it 
helped with energy levels and my migraine issues. Its been wonderful so far, 
however I am just drooling over the idea of ice cream.  

So last night I took some time to get to know a pint of Mocha Almond Fudge 
Purely Decadent 'Ice Cream' made with coconut milk. It was amazing. An 
absolutely wonderful Dairy Free substitute to ice-cream. 

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