May I suggest...

I've had a lot of time to think lately... my mind gets to travel to all sorts of places while my hands are busy whipping up a sketch. And i found myself lost in a place called 'Happiness'.

For me, happiness is the place where, I am self assured. I usually find it in a time where I feel personally successful, productive and loved... If I could whip up a soup with such ingredients and serve it to every person I met, I have no doubt World Peace would be knocking at our door before 2010 came to an end.

Speaking of 2010, we are starting our journey into a new year. Actually, this is the first year that thats ever meant anything to me. Usually I just dread New Years Eve, because of the great expectation of making it "memorable"... and once I make it through midnight, I breath a sigh of relief and carry on with my days as if nothing was different... But for some reason, 2010... is a new beginning for me. Perhaps it is for you too... If its not, maybe it can be. My plan for the year is to find my "Happy" and keep it... What about you? May I suggest.... this New Year, you stun the World...

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