So today... was a great day... So far I've put seven hours into illustrating... And I've still got about five more good hours left in the day to keep going...

Its been the kind of day that catches me, sitting at my kitchen table, taking occasional breaks to dance around in my socks to pandora radio, and grinning at the mere IDEA that this plan of mine; the one of me being a full time, 'way too busy', semi-inspiring illustrator, can work.

Optimism... I hope I never lose the ability to be optimistic... Perhaps that is the explanation of how I am here right now...? Perhaps that is the explanation for a lot of things... Humm, the ability to hope that things will work out... could that be the secret to a happy life? Looking ahead and hoping for the best? Maybe...

Oh, I dont know, I guess I should be addressing this to my diary, but the truth is I have felt grateful all day... and I have been grinning, singing along to songs that I don't know... feeling excited for everything... and I had to share it with someone... I hope that future exists for me... I hope I can work all day long creating things from a blank sheet of paper... day after day, and continue to LOVE it! I guess hope is what got me here... (along with a smallish bit of creativity, a great family, delicious food and a treadmill)

Maybe my smallish visions of optimism... has something to do with creating the person that I am... God knows the days that I am not feeling optimistic, nothing gets done... if only there was a drink that could empower me to feel optimistic all the time...hummm...champagne?...Ive got some in the cupboard... perhaps I should pour myself a glass...? mmm...I think I should pass on that... for now its back to my drawings!

I hope anyone reading this can find their 'Vision' whatever it may be, and 'Something to Hope For', that will give them a reason to dance around in their socks while no one is watching...

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