Whats going on here...

A lot of people ask me what my "process" is.
To them I usually reply:  Materials = Coffee, good music, pencil, paper and me. Coffee goes in mouth, music goes in ears, and pencil hits the paper, than... BAM out comes... a drawing... Its usually surprises me when I step back and check out how it all happened... But there is no magic involved, no fancy studio (yet!)... just time, and me. I took some pictures this morning to welcome you into my 'process'... Starts with locations, then pencil drawing, than ink... still to come, digital color!

*** Please note, my fantastically turquoise kitchen chairs. I picked them up on the side of the road, white and old and FREE... I spent a few summer days refinishing them and now I LOVE them... So if you didn't notice them right away, Im offended...kind of... well, ok not really. Your off the hook, but Check em out!***

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