Cards anyone?

This weekend we spent some time with one of my best friends and she always teaches me some of the best cards games. I really LOVE cards games, but if there is one thing I know about my self... it is that I lack the patience to read directions. 
So I always have to wait for her to learn one, and than teach me.. 
Its a system that works really well, despite the fact that she usually kicks my butt the first time we play together. (I am better at losing than her tho, so I guess its the best, ha) 

So we played Canasta. Have you played that before? 
It was amazingly fun. And terribly hard not to cheat. I highly recommend breaking out a deck and trying it out. And wouldn't it be a bonus if the deck looked like this?

Fancy huh?
I think the next round of indulgence may be elegant card decks. What do you think?

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