A Southern Wedding.

 As promised, here are the beautiful pictures from the wedding we went to in Charleston this weekend. 
It was filled with Southern Charm. The bride was beautiful and wore creamy poofy gourgeous dress that fit her oh so perfectly... and her veil had pieces of her mothers wedding dress in it, 
Jenny, that was so pretty!

Documented epic game of Croquet...

Oh that checker board dance floor. It was a little quiet on the dance floor so Dave and I went out and stirred it up a little bit... We can never resist a good Dance Party. xox
What a good looking wedding party!

She threw the bouquet after cutting a rug on the balcony... {too cute}...
No, I did not catch it. 

Perfect photo opp. Could not resist. 
Yes, that little spec in the top right corner is the dolphin that came in for a visit. 
What a beautiful addition to the vista. 
The beautiful old trees, covered in spanish moss with swings... 
were an amazing way to top of the evening. 

The bride and groom left the reception by boat and watched fire works that we set off the dock. Then they met everyone over at Salty Mike's Dock Bar for some more late night celebrating!

Congratulations Chris and Jenny, You will be amazing. 
Love from both of us!

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