Ok the big news has arrived! 
CRICKET IS HERE!!! She is Perfect in EVERY WAY, except that she has some major separation anxiety when I leave. Hopefully that will pass and we can be one big happy family. 

Isn't she amazing? Look at those little crickety hind legs. 
She has been so good in the house. She just follows me everywhere and she sleeps next to our bed happily. She is good on a leash just happy to walk next to us. 
Yesterday Dave and I took her to the beach and she trotted along in the water a bit so hopefully she will be a brave little water dog...(cross your fingers)

We are working on commands. So far she has no clue... but we are getting there...
Sit. Stay. Here...Etc. 

Welcome Home Cricket!
(ugh, we both look very groggy, first thing in the morning, but so in love!)

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