A trip around the World...

A couple months ago, Coolhunter posted about the amazing 
places to go around the globe... and I just happened to stumble 
upon them this morning. I have not yet mopped up the drool 
on my chin. Are these not some of the most amazing snapshots 
of the world you have ever seen? This is only a taste of the 
bits of the globe that Coolhunter showcased, for more visit the site

I grew up in a family that always treasured the value of travel and the 
experience that came with seeing the beauty of the earth. {So my heart 
is just skipping beats looking at these pictures} 

Recently Dave and I had been saving up to skip 
town and go on a short vacation to the islands... but now that 
we are engaged {!} we are putting that money together and 
adding to it for the next year to save up for somewhere big {!} 
Honeymoon Huge Baby! And we had Italy in mind but now I am 
thinking of looking into Norway or Alberta Canada... oh the world 
is so huge and lovely! Any suggestions?
 Fernando De Noronha - Brazil
 Etretat, Normandy, France
 Rice Field Terraces of Yunnan, China
Rocky Village, Vernazza, Italy
 Crystalline Turquoise Lake, Jiuzhaigou National Park China
 Riamaggiore, Italy
 Valley of the Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada
 Ice Canyon, Greenland
 Sky Lantern Festival {totally starting one of these in Crownsville}
 Marble Caves, Chile Chico, Chile
Norway Alesund Birdseye of City

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