Happy Birthday to My Sister

An Important Day in history today. Happy Birthday to my sister, Kelsey. 

I love you so incredibly much.
For those of you not lucky enough have a Kelsey to love, let me give you some 
reasons to find one. 

• The Kelsey I love is so big hearted she would walk 
into a bee hive if you told her you needed honey. 

• She is both painfully and adorably gullible, so our 
storytelling family has always had her second 
guessing reality. 

• She has a guinea pig. Love those little guys {!}

• But best of all, she would befriend you, and 
care for you... no matter who you are. Her 
heart is open WIDE. Of all the people in the 
world she is the last person to ever pass a 

And thats why, I'm glad to have a Kelsey in my life...
Happy Birthday Kels {xox}

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tara :) I feel so special! love you <3


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