For this week's Illustration Inspiration feature I chose someone whose style is very 
different than my own. Actual it would almost be impossible for me to try to mimic 
this style. Thats why I LOVE it so much! It is so unique. Each of Julie Morstad's 
illustrations provide her own signature and every time you see one you can pick it 
out as one of her own. 

She uses colored pencil, ink, gouache and pencil and sometimes even collage to 
create her beautiful drawings. I really admire the mixture of rough pencil that she allows to 
shine through. Each of my pieces end up having to look very clean and smooth when 
they are finished (OCD?) But I always like them best at there sketch phase. Sounds 
kind of like an identity crisis right? She keeps her drawings looking very 'hip' this way.

And to balance the gray of the ink and pencil she throws in those brilliant punches 
of bright color. Its just makes my eyes swim across the page, I just adore her style! 

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