I became an Aunt and my heart bursted

In the wee small hours of Sunday Morning, I became an Aunt, for the very first time. 
My Sister had her first baby, in California while I  a.n.x.i.o.u.s.l.y waited in Maryland for
word of his arrival.  He is Beautiful and tiny and so wrinkly he actually looks wise; like he 
has years of knowledge on me and I need to hit the books before I go out there so I am 
not out smarted by this adorable tiny wrinkly little face that looks so peaceful and perfect. 

My heart keeps welling up inside with sheer love. I bounce back and forth between 
feeling excitement for my sister and her husband who are over the moon for their 
new baby boy, I know their hearts grew a hundred times when they saw his face.  
And I'm gushing over the idea that there is a new little man in our lives that we are 
all going to laugh with and love and watch grow. And he is going to get hair cuts and
 build blocks and loose teeth and have adorable innocent moments that will make me melt. 

I am flying out to join my sister and her husband and meet Cole for the first time on 
Thursday. I can not wait to see that tiny face. Congratulations to my sister and her 
husband ~ xox you guys are going to be wonderful parents. 

Thanks Bippity Boppity Boo for the adorable photo

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